Pre-Surgical Techniques

Pre-surgical Techniques

One thing that you will come across when you first start researching cleft lip repair are all the different types of pre-surgical techniques that are used. Every surgeon is completely different on their approaches and the best way to start narrowing down cleft teams would be to first choose what route you want to take for your baby in the pre-surgical realm. One method is not necessarily better than the other – it is really up to you to decide what you feel is going to best for your baby and your family, as each method comes with different levels of commitment, and some require more work than others.

The pre-surgical techniques we cover on Cleftopedia are the NAM, the Latham, Pre-surgical taping, and lip adhesion, as well as no pre-surgical strategy. Every cleft is different and some of these techniques might not work for every child…or every parent for that matter, because a few of these pre-surgical techniques are a huge commitment on your end, as the parent.

The initial research of these techniques can be quite overwhelming, and we hope that Cleftopedia will make it easier for you. You will hear from real mommies that have used these different techniques so that you can get a really good understanding as to what each one does, what your role will entail, their pros and cons, and you will see actual results. We hope that all of this information will help you choose the best approach for your baby.


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